Loher Blend

Balance is BS! A handbook that will change the 42%+ of women who are now the breadwinners. We know “balance” doesn’t work. Tamara has figured out a solution after 20+ years as a global entrepreneur. A new way to approach your busy work and life.


Gutsii Health. A funky family of Functional Foods including No Sugar Swisss Dark Chocolate and Protein Shakes that take away all your supplements.

Gutsii Prebiotic Dark Swiss Chocolate – Raspberry Rhapsody – 20x30g Box Set


ON SALE! 1kg Multii Shake Vanilla iice

ON SALE! 1kg Multii Shake Chocoliit

Gutsii Prebiotic Dark Swiss Chocolate – Mint Puffdaddii – 20x32g Box Set

Hot Tress

The culmination of almost five years of research and development alongside a team of highly innovative female chemists and hairdressers, Hot Tresses bridges the gap between natural and professional hair care.

Via our Rehab Plans, Hot Tresses allows women to tailor their hair care to fit their lifestyles, hair types and tastes.

Hot Tresses Indigo Babe Treatment contains plant-based dyes that neutralise copper tones whilst providing a nourishing treatment.