Emily Diamond

Transformational Leadership Coaching is what she calls it.

When leaders of businesses, communities and families have the strategy, structures and psychology they need for their success, social impact and personal freedom.

Emily provided all the coaching content for Balance is B.S. after Tamara wanted readers to have access to the breakthroughs she achieved with 1 on 1 intensive coaching.

Emily is the designer and deliverer of all the Blending coaching programs in the LoehrBlend community.

In business coaching and strategy consulting, Emily works inside financial services, instos, VC firms and large privately owned businesses, her sweet spot is with clients who are looking for accountability and rapid change.

Private coaching is with clients who are committed to a large life and are brave enough to take themselves on to make an impact.

15 years as a coach with qualifications in Consulting, Coaching, Workplace Training and Behavioural Profiling and a “past life” in Sports Medicine Emily is most passionate about effective use of energy and good form in all areas.

Combining behavioural change methods, performance psychology, DISC profiling, coaching, consulting and the DeMartini Method with a range of business growth, infrastructure and performance management strategies such as the One Thing Framework, the Rockefeller Habits Framework, Integrated Sales and Marketing Funnels and her highly successful 3 Steps/Danger score-carding method.

Some of her favourite quotes from clients:

You can find Emily on the socials @ EmilyTheDiamond