Here to support the blend!

Tamara knows that no one can do it alone.

The Balance is B.S. book is a beautiful example of community at work.

Incredible global leaders contributed to the book:

> Jeff Hoffman

> Keith Abraham

> Sue-Ellen Watts

> Aaron Zamykal

> Gina Mollicone-Long

> Michael Kripalani

And to provide the active coaching exercises in the book, Tamara chose one of her coaches, Emily Diamond.

Tamara has been coached, mentored and trained across the world and Emily was her leadership coach for 5 years.


Tamara wanted to share her personal coaching breakthroughs that sky-rocketed her success directly with readers.

While reading the book, the activities and exercises you perform were adapted from Emily’s work so you can kick start your blending and bring it into reality.


Tamara and Emily continue to work together across a range of initiatives, Balance is B.S. being one that aligns powerfully with both of their values.

A book is a great beginning.

Oh the joy and power of books!

In the privacy of your own mind you begin to shift your beliefs, challenge your paradigms and open yourself up to new ways of being, doing, speaking and thinking.

The next step is direct application, so Tamara and Emily have ensured that blenders can go to the next level with the online program Beginning to Blend…

Beginning to Blend is a self-paced, online, transformation coaching program for newbie blenders.

Take yourself from:

     > People-pleasing into valuing yourself.

     >  Over-giving over to maximising your impact.

     >  Suppressed to straight-talker.

     >  Stressed to satisfied.

     >  Coping and moping to thrilled and chilled.

Beginning to Blend is live and ready to jump into April 5th 2019.


You can register your interest here:

Please contact me with Beginning to Blend program information.