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Balance is BS! A handbook that will change the 42%+ of women who are now the breadwinners. We know “balance” doesn’t work. Tamara has figured out a solution after 20+ years as a global entrepreneur. A new way to approach your busy work and life.

How to ditch expectations, uphold your values and embrace a work-life blend.

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Rise Without Compromise in Work, Personal Life, and Beyond

Instead of trying to balance the infinite demands of partners, children, co-workers, clients, and everyone else, it’s time to give yourself permission to blend...

Balance is B.S: The Intention of the Book

Balance is B.S. explodes the myth of work-life balance, showing working women that they can have it all, if they’re willing to stop giving in to the pressure to do more, more, more...

If Balance is B.S, what is the concept of blending?

The myth of work-life balance tells us that we should be able to juggle all this, but we know that it’s impossible to do everything, and there must be a better way...

Business based on values. Vegan, Ethical. Cruelty-Free.

Committed to products that make a difference is another way Tamara achieves her WORK. LIFE. BLEND.
Values-based entrepreneurship fills her bucket - see why here.

Business for Good.
Total Impacts and Giving.

Tamara believes that businesses will change the world – not governments. All Loehr businesses, including the Balance is B.S. book, donate to B1G1 with every purchase. For every 200 books sold Tamara will provide a small business loan to a female in a developing country.

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