Meet Tamara

“A high tide lifts all boats”

With a clear vision of how businesses are going to change the world, not governments, Tamara Loehr has built a tribe around her to do ethical business, give back to global community change programs and empower whoever is on the bus along the way.

In the book, Tamara shares her personal formula for building a work/life blend (not balance!) in order to scale your business without burning out.

The book addresses the recurring issues women (and many men) face as entrepreneurs: the reality of losing more than we win, the need to take a stand against bad behaviour in business, and misconceptions around having to ‘compromise’ as a working parent.

Wanting to share the high-level personalised coaching breakthroughs she has collected through her own intensive development she teamed up with one of her coaches, Emily Diamond to turn Balance is B.S. into a handbook of breakthroughs for the readers.

Learn more about Tamara here.

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