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  • Dealing With Deal-Breakers and Winning With Magic February 16, 2019 - Part 2 of the WITCHCRAFT: My secret formula for business series. I have a number of deal-breakers. You’ll establish your own as part of working through the book. Your deal-breakers are based on your values. A lot of my deal-breakers—the reasons why I’ll walk away from a deal or a business—are to do with ethical reasons. I’ll walk […]
  • Witchcraft: My Secret Formula for Business February 12, 2019 - Standing by your values and playing big isn’t for the faint hearted. Yes, the rewards are endless and totally worth it, but you are going to have to ruffle some feathers. In my experience, I’ve come across an unfortunate legacy in business of badly-behaved boys clubs. These people think values and healthy boundaries, not to mention ethics and […]
  • LOEHR RELEASES HER ‘WORKBOOK FOR RISING WOMEN’ ON MARCH 26 VIA WILEY January 14, 2019 - WELLNESS ENTREPREUNER AND AUTHOR TAMARA LOEHR BOLDLY CHALLENGES THE ‘WORK-LIFE BALANCE’ PHILOSOPHY WITH NEW BOOK TITLED “BALANCE IS B.S.:  HOW TO HAVE A WORK. LIFE. BLEND” Tamara Loehr, globally known wellness entrepreneur and author, will release her new book titled “Balance is B.S: How to Have a Work. Life. Blend” via Wiley on March 26. […]
  • Playing a Bigger Game January 10, 2019 - Starting Your Own Business? Don’t Let These 4 Myths Hold You Back from Growth Why do so many women start their own businesses? Female-led startups are on the rise, with the number of female owner-managers up 7% in the last decade compared to only 0.3% for men. While female-owned small businesses are still a minority […]

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