Thank you

We wish to give a heart-felt, soul-deep and sky-high thank you to all of the fabulous people who have supported the process of the book coming to life and becoming a community, a movement and the impact we dreamed of.

Special thanks from Tamara to:

The following people made valued personal contributions to the book:

Daniel Bonney, Emily Diamond, Monte Huebsch, Gina Mollicone-Long, Sue-Ellen Watts, Aaron Zamykal and, of course, Florian Loehr.

Thank you to Jeff Hoffman, Keith Abraham, Paul Dunn and Michel Kripalani for your inspiring work and for permission to use your words.

An extra-special mention to:
Kamina: Thank you for taking my journal rants and vision for this book and making it come to life. Your talent is admirable and our new-found friendship is treasured. PS: You were a blender before we met!

Emily: Thank you for your life/business coaching and dear friendship. You’ve transformed so many lives, mine included, so thank youfor taking the time to turn your invaluable methods into two-page exercises for this book. Continue your path of positively impacting the world!

K (Kylie): Thank you for showing me what unconditional friendship looks like. You lift me up, make me laugh, never judge, and lead with such a big heart. Blessed to call you bestie.

Florian: Thank you for empowering me, supporting me, and being my rock and the best role model to our children: shared values, constantly evolving, creating memories, and being adventurous.


Special thanks from Emily to:

Our amazing guinea pigs for the book content deserve massive thanks!

Jessica Hardwick, Cinta Grimatre, Elisabeth Noyel, Fiona Cullen, Regan Johnson, Christine Diamond, Kate Smolders, Kate Waxman, David Bartholemuesz, Holly Grofski, Janine Zappini, Natalie Nichols, Rebecca Griffin, Claire Maradani and Asche Wiltshire.

To my incredible family of origin – thank you forever for my life, the love, the acceptance, instilling the value of participation and the love of learning.

To my family of creation – my greatest treasure and pleasure, let’s make more magic as we explore the world together.

To my tribe of freaks, geeks, heros, champions, misfits, cool kids, hipsters, scientists, soul brothers and sisters – YOU ROCK MY WORLD – the adventures will continue…